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          As early as the 1990s, our core team has officially entered the prosthetic and orthotic industry, and was an early enterprise in the Chinese rehabilitation appliance industry with independent research, development and production capacity. In September 2004, our company was restructured and formally established as Beijing Orient Re-Sun Prosthetic and Orthotic Technology Development Co., Ltd, which is mainly engaged in the production, development and sales of prosthetic parts, Class I medical devices, the operation of Class II medical devices and the import and export trade of overseas products. After more than ten years of exploration and development, it is now a company with a lot of talents, high-end products and strong core competitiveness, with a very high reputation and industry reputation.


          Our company now consists of a marketing department, a sales department, a research and development department, and other departments. The company is mainly engaged in the research and development and sales of prosthetic and orthotic devices. The company has two wholly-owned subsidiaries, specialising in the production of prosthetic and medical equipment products. The products mainly include prosthetic accessories, various types of finished fixation devices, hip, knee, ankle and foot hinges, high and low paraplegic walking supports and other 4 major categories, more than 40 kinds. The vast majority of the products are leading products in China, with the gel set project receiving special funding support from the Beijing Science and Technology Commission and the National Science and Technology Commission in 2006 and 2007 respectively. The first pneumatic intelligent knee joint in China was awarded the first prize in the domestic category in the 2013 "Kangbo Cup" competition organised by the China Rehabilitation Apparatus Association. As the company continues to develop, more of our innovative products are being introduced to the market.


          For many years, we have been renowned in the domestic prosthetic and orthotic industry for our high quality, high technology products and excellent after-sales service. We have gained the recognition and support of our customers.


          We adhere to the corporate philosophy of "based on the user, excellence" to create a national boutique, to give back to the user, to serve the user.


          We are determined to be your most loyal partner and look forward to working with you for win-win development!


          Creating National Excellence