2018 Transformers Robot Ride

Product Description

 Transformers Robot ride is a new amusement equipment that newly designed and produced by Zhongshan Jinbo Amusement Equipment Company. It is a domestic original creation patented product and a great breakthrough in amusement product design. Science fiction and domineering style, brilliant colorful lights, unique ride way, all make visitors can not resist to play it.

Passengers are free to control their travel directions by operating the double rockers. They can move forward, backward and 360 degrees in situ rotation, which is full of strong interesting. Equipped with high fidelity dynamic MP3 music intelligent player, so that riders can freely change the music and adjust the volume by themselves.

Technical Specification

Name Transformers Robot Rides
Voltage 3N+PE/380V/50HZ
Equipment Height 8.5m
Diameter 14m
Power 30KW
Passenger 24p
Materail Steel+ FRP
Age Group kids and adults
Warranty 1 year