Best Drop Tower Rides

Product Description

large thrilling theme park jump ride free fall sky tower ride for sale also named jumping circle rides is a type of park thrill amusement rides, based around a central structure of tower. Jumping Circle Rides is very popular among teenagers. Cool decoration, special lights and sound system create its success.When the Jumping Circle machine starts to move, riders will laugh and scream on it. 16 children riders or 16 adults riders can be lifted to a height of approximately 30 foot, the Jumping Circle is lifted to the top of a large vertical structure, and then released to free-fall down the tower. Each jump brings elated faces of exciting and delight. With endless teeming possibilities, the Jumping Circle might be the most versatile amusement device of all

Technical Specification

Name 20M  Drop Tower Ride
Item No. JBDT-20M
Equipment Height 19.9M
Floor Area 13MX10M
Total Power 106KW
Speed 7.5M/S
Crew 16 Persons
Running Height 12.7M
Rotating Speed 8RPM
Warranty 12 Months