Big Pendulum Rides For Sale

Product Description

Big pendulum is a kind of large-scale amusement facilities. The movement principle is caused by the pendulum, the trajectory is also the pendulum form. below the arm is a disc. When the arm do the pendulum swing, the disc do the turnover movement. Sitting on the pendulum, the tourists have a strong centrifugal feeling. During the equipment’s operation, the visitors can experience 1-2 seconds of weightlessness, like astronauts in Space.

Technical Specification

Name 32 Seats Big Pendulum Ride
Item No. JBP-32
Equipment Height 15M
Floor Area 25MX22M
Total Power 135KW
Maximal Physical Pendulum Angle ± 120°
Crew 32 Persons
Running Speed 21M/S
Color Customized
Warranty 12 Months