Carnival Carousel For Sale

Product Description

Carousel, or merry go round refers to an amusement ride including a rotary platform and carousel horses. Other popular names are jumper, roundabout and flying horses. It is usually applied in park, square fairground, and scenic spot, as well as mall and backyard. Carousel for sale is a classic theme park ride that is appealing to just about every type of rider. Not only do they look impressive, but they allow older riders to relive their childhood while the children get to make new memories. Ornate and filled with mirrors and exquisite carvings and other embellishments, carousels have lots of lights and play festive music to really create an atmosphere of delight and joy.


Technical Specification

Name 16 seats carnival carousel for sale
Item No. JBC-16
Equipment Height 3.5m
Floor Area Dia 7m
Total Power 3kw
Power Supply AC380v, 3 PHASE
Crew 16 Persons
Speed 4RPM
Rotary Diameter 5.8m
Warranty 12months