Drop Tower Ride For Sale China Manufacturers

Product Description

Drop Tower, also called Drop Tower Ride or Sky Drop Ride, is a kind of popular thrilling mechanical carnival drop tower rides for sale in Jinbo. Drop Tower Ride is composed of one high vertical main steel structure podetium and one gondola made of a circle of seats outside along with the central structure. There are tracks equipped outside of the vertical steel column for gondola climbing up to the top and going down to the bottom of the drop tower ride. Drop Tower carnival rides works through lifting slowly in the beginning, then rapid falling freely and heavy deceleration. In the operating process, passengers can experience extreme thrilling and exciting feeling. There are different types of drop tower for sale in Jinbo that varies in drop tower height, passenger capacity, appearance design, lift and brake types. All kinds of Drop Tower Rides can be customized in Jinbo that is a Professional Cheap Amusement Rides For Sale Company in China. Now Email Us For The Drop Tower Ride Price Please!

Technical Specification

Name 20M  Drop Tower Ride
Item No. JBDT-20M
Equipment Height 19.9M
Floor Area 13MX10M
Total Power 106KW
Speed 7.5M/S
Crew 16 Persons
Running Height 12.7M
Rotating Speed 8RPM
Warranty 12 Months