Mini Roller Coaster Ride For Sale

Product Description

Mini roller coaster ride for sale is new design of roller coasters, the roller coaster  another name space roller coaster, amusement machine, its main features are: each orbit car, it seats in the whole part along the rail sliding, rotating different due to the centrifugal effect, so that the block in the process of sliding motion is more abundant and more feel out of the ordinary passenger fun, products widely used in various large and medium-sized amusement park (field) used.


1.Breathtaking, exciting, popular for young.
2.High return on investment.
3.Track length, cabins can be customized.
4. Professional design, production, installation, after- sales service.


Technical Specification

Name Space roller coaster
Item No. JBRC-S16
Track Height 1.95m
Floor Area Adustable
Total Power 39kw
Power Supply AC380V, 3 PHASE
Crew 16 Persons
Max Speed 6-7km/h
Track Length Adjustable
Run Time As designed
Carriage 4