Self Control Plane Ride

Product Description

Self control plane rides frequently seen in the amusement parks, outdoor playgrounds, plazas, public gardens, etc. The self control plane ride is made of the mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical system components, equipped with advanced music player and colorful LED lights. The cabins are popular aircrafts, fixed on the arms around the vertical axis.When plane starts, the aircrafts is rotating around the vertical axis, player can press the button to control cabins up and down, it’s so exciting!

Technical Specification

Name 32 Seats Self Control Plane Ride
Item No. JBSC-32
Rotating Speed 3.6M/S(5RPM)
Floor Area Dia 15M
Total Power 50KW
Power Supply AC380V,3 PHASE
Crew 32 Persons
Equipment Height 8.5M
Running Height 4.6M
Warranty 12 Months