Small Ferris Wheel For Sale

Product Description

Mini Ferris wheel ride is a miniature Ferris wheel whose height is lower than 10 meters. With its novel appearance, colorful and cartoon FRP cabins, it become more and more popular among kids. So we also call it the kids ferris wheel. It just like a huge but cute windmill from the far point sight. And we can see this kind of mini kiddie ride at the amusement park, kiddie parks, Children’s palace. It is easy to install and move. And the rotating speed, number of cabins can be changed according to the client’s request.

Technical Specification

Name Small ferris wheel rides
Item No JBFW-6M
Capacity 10 persons
Height 6/7m
Diameter 6m
Cabin No. 5
Power 5kw
Votage 380v
Color customized
Warranty 12months