Wacky Worm Roller Coaster For Sale

Product Description

Wacky worm roller coaster for sale is new design of roller coasters amusement machine, its main features are: each orbit car, it seats in the whole part along the rail sliding, rotating different due to the centrifugal effect, so that the block in the process of sliding motion is more abundant and more feel out of the ordinary passenger fun, products widely used in various large and medium-sized amusement park (field) used .

Technical Specification

Name Wacky worm roller coaster
Passengers 16 persons
Cabins 6
Track Length 120m
Everage Height 2.4m
Max Height 2.9m
Turning Radius 4.3m
Max Speed 25km/hour
Area 25mx18m
Electricity 380v 6kw