Theme park rides inflatable Water drift slides rides for sale

Product Description:

1. Sliding is a new and fashionable type of aquatic amusement equipment. More and more kids enjoyed it very much.

2. The area of Drifting Paradise covers 300 m2 (it can be customized depends on the actual site). There are several rockeries in it and water flow down from the surface of them.

3. There are also some big models of banana, apple and peach. The scene is very attractive.

4. Sliding device is running depends on an annular circulating water system. All models are equipped with infrared sensors. Kids can press the button to play games during the drifting.

5. Some related scene will appears as long as they hit the bull’s-eye. If you hit the cartoon model—Sun Wukong or Zhu Bajie (Monkey King and Pigsy), they will jump back and forth; if you hit the rockery, it will spray water and so on..

Technical Specification: 

Name Inflatable Water Slides
Total Height 5.5m
Running Speed 1m/s
Capacity 16p
Installed Power 20kw
Cover Area 26x12m
Material FRP+Steel
Usage Theme park
Color customized
Warranty 12months